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Services & Pricing
  • Postnatal Planning: £50/two hours

During this fun and  exciting session we look at all the areas of your life that may be affected by the arrival of your baby and how you can put structure and plans in place to prepare for various situations.  

Can be done online or in person

  • Arrive home Postnatal Visit £50/two hours

Take the anxiety out of the first days after arriving home. Get the reassurance you need to feel relaxed and confident. I'll provide you with guidance on rest, recovery, sleep and feeding

+20 hour booking: £22/hour

With these bespoke sessions, I am your constant companion providing gentle encouragement to help your relax and thrive in this precious time. 

What this package includes:

  • An antenatal home visit to familiarise myself with your home before I start

  • Postnatal care sessions

  • Constant access via phone call or whatsapp 

  • Free access to my book collection


 We can tailor the length of the  sessions to your needs depending on availability. 

Ad hoc postnatal sessions: £25/hour
Dedicated Breastfeeding support

I give dedicated and holistic breastfeeding support in terms of latch, positioning, and further infant feeding challenges, including tongue-tie assessments. These sessions take place in the comfort of your home where I can spend time observing a full feed as well as infant behaviour between feeds.  I am aiming to become an International Board Certified Breastfeeding Consultant, and am currently also volunteering to gain the experience required to sit the exam. If feeding difficulties arise that out out of my remit, I can refer to a qualified IBCLC.

Gift certificates available for any of these sessions
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