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Being looked after in the postnatal period is a need not a want.

Several studies have found that mothers (and fathers) who are supported experience more joy and less anxiety or low feelings during this intense period and beyond. Below are some of the needs new parents might have and how a doula can help.


Breastfeeding, combined feeding and bottle feeding 

A postnatal doula can offer support with breastfeeding and is trained to identify problems early on and can refer to to right expert. 

Postnatal doulas offer support with no judgement and is also trained to offer feeding support no matter what option you choose.


Making sense of baby behaviour & sleep patterns

Your postnatal doula can help you understand natural baby behaviour which will make it easier for you to adapt to life with a newborn. 


Practical: The gift of time and an extra pair of hands

You need time to adjust to life with a newborn, whether it is the first or the fourth. By relieving you of household tasks, you'll have more time and energy to thrive in this period. I can also help with meal preparation,  with other children. 

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